SB5200 Gravity Concentrator离心选矿机


Falcon SB Gravity Concentrators Key Advantages

  • Unit capacities up to 400 t/h
  • The variable frequency drive (VFD) and a dynamic braking system are used to greatly reduce offline time for concentrate flushing
  • Flat lid modular design increases wear life and reduces downtime as well as maintenance costs
  • Upgraded standard fluidization control results in a higher degree of machine management
  • High G forces (highest in the mineral processing industry) allow for higher efficiency and the recovery of very fine material
  • Reduced water consumption as only the pertinent collection zone section of the bowl is fluidized
  • Fully automated, “one touch” operation that provides the least amount of offline time and highest possible mineral concentrate security

Falcon SB Gravity Concentrators are known as “Semi-Batch” Gravity Concentrators because they continually accept feed during the run cycle, but only produce mineral concentrate during periodic rinse cycles.

Run times range anywhere from five minutes to several hours, depending on the mining application. Rinse times are generally less than a minute as Falcon Gravity Concentrators utilize a dynamic braking system to quickly slow the bowl down, rinse out the concentrate, and then return to full operational speed. Equipped with a variable frequency drive, this gravity concentrator can operate anywhere from 50 to 200 G’s.

The typical application for a Falcon SB Gravity Concentrator is recovering liberated precious metals (Au, Ag, Pt, etc.) within a grinding circuit. When installed in this type of circuit, Sepro Mineral Systems often recommends that the gravity concentrator be placed on cyclone feed, rather than cyclone underflow to generate higher mineral recoveries. Outside of grinding circuits, Falcon SB Gravity Concentrators are also used for precious metal separation from aggregate or placer deposits. The target mineral will usually be in extremely low concentration (grams per tonne) and a very high upgrade is desired (up to 10,000x).

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